Behgjet Pacolli


The protected with the best values of his people, Pacolli is characterized throughout his human activity from a human spirit extraordinary, which is widely appreciated. From the establishment of hospitals, orphanages, universities, the release of hostages, Pacolli has institutionalized compassion, solidarity and commitment to the poor in the highest degree, in his country and around the world. Endowed by the greatest human values of his nation, Behgjet Pacolli is characterized continuously throughout his activity as a remarkable human spirit, worldly evaluated. From building hospitals, orphanages, universities, hostage rescue, Mr. Pacolli has institutionalized mercy, solidarity and commitment at the highest level towards poor in his country and the world.

Behgjet Pacolli Foundation

Behgjet Pacolli Foundation now operates 10 years ago, with headquarters in Pristina / Kosovo and Switzerland.

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